Question: How can disciples make correct decisions?

Sri Chinmoy: If you want to make the correct decision, you have to meditate most soulfully for at least ten minutes. During this time, you must not have any thought — good or bad. The mind has to be completely empty. After meditating for about ten minutes, you will bring tremendous will-power from the third eye and focus it on the heart. Then you will try to uncover your heart chakra. If you feel that there is something covering the heart chakra like a lid, you will just uncover it. Once you uncover the heart chakra, you will receive a whisper. That whisper will come either in the form of light or in your own language. It will not form a sentence — only one word. The light will be connected with your vision-eye, and the connection will be there inside the heart. There we do not form sentences. But from that one syllable or one word you will be able to correctly get the message and that will be your final and infallible decision. Absolutely do not allow your mind to tell you what to do or what not to do. You have to use only the light that is connected with your vision-eye, which you will experience inside your heart centre.