Question: What is the difference between a spiritual group and a religious group?

Sri Chinmoy: If it is religious, then it becomes to some extent narrow-minded. But if it is spiritual, there is a cosmopolitan view. Spirituality encompasses all religions, no matter which religion or denomination one belongs to. But religion cannot house spirituality in that way. If somebody is religious, naturally he has some spirituality. But if he becomes a staunch follower of a particular religion, he may not like other religions. He may find everything wrong in other religions. He feels that his religion is by far the best. But if one becomes spiritual, really spiritual, he will give due value to all religions. A follower of a particular religion may not, or need not, or cannot, accommodate all religions as true. But if one follows spirituality, then he will feel that all religions are true, that all are good, that all are fulfilling God’s Mission according to their capacity.