Question: How can I quiet the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: There are many ways, but I will tell you the two main ways. First, you can repeat a specific mantra or you can say “God” or “Supreme” as slowly and quietly as possible. While repeating this, please feel that God’s divine qualities are entering into your mind; do not simply repeat like a parrot. Each time you repeat “God” soulfully, feel that a divine quality is entering into your mind. When this happens, the Power of God’s Light is bound to silence the mind.

You want to silence your mind because it is acting like a restless monkey. Restlessness comes because of darkness; darkness and restlessness are inseparable. Restlessness is due to your lack of receptivity to light. There are two places where light is available: above the head and inside the heart. When the mind is illumined, restlessness is transformed into tranquillity. When you can bring down light or carry it from the heart into the mind, at that time the mind becomes calm and quiet.