Question: My own spiritual background has taken me into different paths of meditation: Buddhism, Zen and other forms. I feel myself centred in all these particular areas, but am I really splitting myself by consciously practising more than one type of meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Spirituality is only one subject. It is not like history, geography, science and mathematics, for which you need different classes. It is only one subject, and for that it is advisable to walk along one path. The Goal is one and it is at one particular place. If we constantly change our roads, then our progress will naturally be slow. Today we prefer one road and tomorrow we feel that there is another road which can take us to the Goal faster. So we are only changing from one road to another and not making progress on any road. Each path is right in its own way. No path is faulty. But we have to know which path suits us, which path satisfies us most. Once we discover the path of our soul’s choice, if we walk along that path only, we will reach our destination sooner than otherwise.