Question: How can I become more aware?

Sri Chinmoy: All the time you have to think of yourself in a positive way. You have to say, “What is wrong with me that I am sleeping all the time? I can run, I can write. Again, I can sleep. But I know that by sleeping for twenty hours, I won’t get any joy.” So you have to think of the result. If you think of the result, of awareness, then immediately you will be so happy. “That is the thing that I am going to get. If I become aware of God, the result I am getting is a peaceful life. I will have some joy, some sense of satisfaction.” So think of the satisfaction you will get and that satisfaction will immediately compel you to be aware. Naturally everyone is running after satisfaction. God Himself is our satisfaction. Human satisfaction is to make more money, to become more prosperous, this and that. But spiritual satisfaction is to have an iota of Peace, an iota of Light, an iota of Bliss. Everybody needs satisfaction. So if you think of the satisfaction which you need most, automatically you will become aware. Give utmost importance to the satisfaction within you and then you are bound to become aware.