Question: How can I increase my surrender and purity?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you increase your surrender and purity? If you can surrender your body, vital, mind, heart and soul, then you will feel purity. Again, if you can increase your purity, immediately your capacity to surrender increases. One depends on the other. If you are pure, your surrender increases; if you are surrendered, then your purity increases. How do you get purity and surrender from the spiritual life? You look at a flower and you know a flower is all purity. So you try to identify yourself with the consciousness of the flower or with the purity of the flower. Or you look at a little child, who is all surrender to his parents. Whatever his parents are doing for him, he is satisfied. So you can try to become like a child. If you can feel that you are a child in the Lap of God, then you can easily make surrender. Again, if you can feel that you are a flower, or that another flower is inside your heart and that this flower is blossoming petal by petal, then you will automatically become pure. So if you can imagine or feel a flower inside your heart, your purity will automatically increase. And if you can feel a divine child inside your heart, your surrender will automatically increase.