"Fulfilling a New Year's resolution"4

In some cases, fulfilling a New Year’s resolution is a matter of an hour or three hours. If someone spends three hours doing it, then he feels that the rest of the year he can enjoy himself.

In some cases it is a matter of a second for me to grant their boon. If I say yes, then their resolution is all over; it is accomplished. It depends on the receptivity. If the person is receptive, immediately I can fulfil his wish. If he is not receptive, then I can’t. The mother will run and catch the child and put food inside his mouth, but he will throw it out. Then the child will come again and say he is hungry, he is hungry. But when the mother comes with the food, he won’t eat. If you have received everything that I brought down today, then I tell you, for six months you don’t have to meditate.

During the New Year’s meditation I really bring down. People used to meditate for years to get a little light. But my physical body brings down divine Peace, Light and Bliss. When I look at the seekers who are seated, I see literally that it is raining Light, Bliss. When the seekers feel gratitude, at that time they receive.

If we have any weakness in our life, if we feel that we have to conquer it, then we have started our journey. But if we don’t take our weaknesses as something to be conquered, we will never conquer them. If we have self-doubt, we are one step ahead if we know that we have it. It is self-doubt that is not allowing my disciples to make very fast progress. Who doubts? People who remain in the mental world. Is there anybody who does not live in the mental world? If there is self-doubt, then there is self-indulgence, because self-doubt makes one feel, “I am not great, I cannot be good.” And in that case, what else is there left for him but self-indulgence? If we can feel that we are good, if we can feel that we can be great, then let us feel this.

This year has been a year of achievement. At the same time, we have seen the so-called victory of the hostile forces in a few fields. But next year let us be wise; let us not make the same mistakes. Now that you know the New Year’s Message, you can start right from today. You don’t have to wait for the first of January.

SCS 143. After holding his Public Meditation for the New Year on 19 December 1975, Sri Chinmoy offered these remarks during an informal gathering with some of his disciples.