"Each year has a special message"5

Let us try to satisfy the Supreme in us in His own Way cheerfully, soulfully and unconditionally. If we please Him in our own way even one time out of one hundred, we shall feel miserable because that one time we will be separated from our Source. For a sincere seeker, to remain separated from his Source even for a fleeting second is to suffer excruciating pangs. Therefore, let us try to satisfy the Supreme at every moment in His own Way.

It is a mistake to feel that each year has the same potentiality or opportunity. No, each year has a special message; although each day need not be God’s choice Hour for realisation, perfection and satisfaction. If we don’t do that, then this year will undoubtedly prove to be the year of destruction.

Last year was the year of success and progress. We made considerable progress in our inner and outer life. At the same time, the undivine forces also made considerable progress. If we properly cherish our sincere inner cry, this will be the year of inevitable satisfaction. If not, it will be the year of real destruction, disaster. If the divine forces within us win, then our self-doubt and self-indulgence will be destroyed, which means transformed. Self-indulgence and self-doubt will not be there; alertness and self-offering will replace them. But the divine forces will win only if we consciously and constantly side with the divine forces. Otherwise, there is every possibility that the undivine forces will destroy us. This does not mean that we will die this year, but our inner life may die. Then we will feel that we are dead souls.

So let us be very divine and careful. We have not yet been assailed by the destructive forces. If we can continue with purest aspiration in the months that are ahead of us, we shall really and truly please our Inner Pilot.

SCS 144. After holding a New Year's Eve Meditation in Puerto Rico, Sri Chinmoy commented further on his previously offered New Year's Message.