Question: When I am trying to offer gratitude while I am meditating and I am not feeling sincere, should I keep trying or should I stop?

Sri Chinmoy: If you feel insincere, the best thing is to continue, not to give up. It is like hunger. Every day you don’t feel hungry, but you do eat. If you are not properly hungry, the food may not taste good. You may not feel great joy in eating, but you do eat because it is the necessity of the body. Similarly, even if you are not feeling sincere gratitude, it is better to continue because in this way you maintain the habit. If you stop eating today and you don’t feel like eating tomorrow, then you become weak. Here also, if you don’t continue your offering you become weak. If you don’t try to offer the little gratitude you feel today, tomorrow it will be worse, and the day after it will all go away. So the best thing is to continue. It need not be your best meditation, but continue; do not stop.