Question: To attain joy, should we always meditate the same way as we do in the Centre?

Sri Chinmoy: The highest type of meditation is done in silence, with one objective in mind: to please God in His own Way. When you meditate, if you can feel that you are pleasing God in God’s own Way, then that is the best type of meditation. Otherwise, if you start meditating in order to get joy, you will get joy; you are bound to get joy if that is your intention. But you may not get boundless joy, precisely because you have not pleased your Eternal Beloved, your Father and Friend, God, in His own Way. During your meditation, if God finds it is necessary to give you an experience of suffering, world-suffering, if He wants to enlarge your heart for a few seconds and offer you the world of suffering, if that is His intention but you want to have only joy from your meditation, He will grant you joy. But just because you have separated your existence from the experience He wanted to give you, you will not get the highest joy. “Let Thy Will be done.” What the Saviour Christ said is absolutely the highest truth. This is the supreme message humanity can receive from the absolute Highest. Before you meditate, if you can offer the result of your meditation to the Source and say, “I wish to become Your perfect instrument so You can fulfil Yourself in and through me in Your own Way,” this is the highest, absolutely the highest, type of meditation.