Question: How does one best move the consciousness from the mind to the heart?

Sri Chinmoy: The best way to move one’s consciousness from the head to the heart is to think most of the time, all the time, of the heart. If you think of the living room, then your consciousness is in the living room and not in the kitchen. The consciousness that is in the heart has to be brought to the fore, where it illumines and expands. The consciousness that is in the mind we shall not negate. We shall only illumine it. The friend that we most need to help us is the heart. If we stay with the mind, we only hesitate; the mind stands in our way. The mind is unconsciousness. If we can bring our friend, the heart, always with us, it becomes easy to illumine the mind. The presence of the soul is living in the heart, so the consciousness that we need is in the heart. We must put all our attention on the heart and not on the mind in order to make the fastest progress.