Question: Is purity different for a married person?

Sri Chinmoy: When it comes to purity, there is no difference between a married person, a spinster and a bachelor. The only thing is, one has to know what real purity is. Real purity is detachment from the things we consider undivine and devotedness to the things we call divine. It is attachment and detachment that determine purity. If you are totally attached to the gross physical, then you can have no purity whether you are married or unmarried. And again, a married man can be totally detached from the gross physical, the lower vital, just as a bachelor can be. So there is no hard and fast rule that purity will be greater or less for a married or an unmarried person. It is a matter of how soulfully each individual deals with his own life, whether he is devoted to God’s Will or attached to his own desires.