Question: Guru, at this time of our development, should purity be in our mind most of the time?

Sri Chinmoy: Purity and impurity are not only in the physical; they can be in the mind, in the vital, anywhere. So purity has to be established in the heart, in the mind, in the vital, in the physical. When an undivine thought comes, first it comes to the mind and then it goes to the vital. If you can establish purity in the mind, then impurity will not come down to the vital through the mind. Similarly, if you start cherishing a good thought in the mind, then naturally the vital will have purity, because what the mind has it will bring to the vital. Again, what the vital has will come to the physical. If you have divine thoughts in the mind, automatically impurity diminishes in the vital and physical. One moment we think, the next moment we act. It is not that we act first and then think. First we think, then we act. So if the thinking process is divine, then naturally there cannot be undivine action.