Question: How can you embody purity?

Sri Chinmoy: You can embody purity through your constant aspiration for purity. You achieve something when you feel the need for it. Just say, “I need purity, I need purity, I need purity!” Your eternal Father Supreme will give you purity. When the child cries for something, the mother gives. But sometimes she waits to see if the child really wants it, or whether he will stop crying and no longer care for the thing. Sometimes when a child cries for something, before the mother gives it the child goes away and plays somewhere else. You cry for two minutes, “Purity, purity,” and God is bringing down purity. But when you don’t feel purity in your whole being, immediately you become impatient. You think that God will not bring you purity so you change your mind and you do something else. But if you really want and need something, you will keep on crying for it. If a child really needs something, he continuously cries unless and until he has got the thing he needs. In the spiritual life also, if you cry for purity until you have achieved purity, God is bound to bring purity into your life.