Question: Since I think of you as my Master and the highest truth, what for me now is purity?

Sri Chinmoy: For the disciple, the Master is the highest purity, and the highest purity is the Master. During the day when you breathe in and out, you have to feel my presence in your heart. When you breathe in you have to feel that you are breathing in the highest purity from me, and when you breathe out you have to feel that I am bringing out all the impurities you have inside your system and throwing them into the Universal Consciousness.

If you can constantly feel in your mind, in your heart, in your soul, in every incident in your day-to-day outer life that I am the highest, then you get the best purity. It cannot be a vague idea, but a constant living feeling that I am the highest. Otherwise, at this moment you will feel that I am very high, even the highest, but the next moment, when your desires are not fulfilled, you will feel that I am not only low, but the lowest. If I do not fulfil your inner desires, you will feel, “Either he turned a deaf ear or he has no ear, he has no capacity.” This kind of tribute I get from the disciples.

If I don’t fulfil your desires, if you can feel it is for your own good, absolutely for your good, and if you can consider me always the highest in spite of so-called defeat, failure and frustration, then the problem of impurity is solved. In everything if you can feel that I am the highest and the best, then you are bound to get the best and the highest from me. Then, if you have everything that is best, you will see that purity will come first and foremost. Everything that your soul needs, everything that your life of aspiration, your life of realisation, your life of manifestation needs, is bound to come if you are placing me first and foremost in your life. This is what a real disciple does.