Part III — Justice

Question: What does God's Justice do when jealousy and impurity are brought before the Supreme's Court?

Sri Chinmoy: God’s Justice is not human justice; it is not punishment. God only says, “I have given you chances time and again, but you have not properly used the golden Hour. Again, I am ready to give chances endlessly.” God at that time deals with His infinite Patience. First He deals with Light, He tries to illumine our jealousy and impurity and transform them into a feeling of oneness and purity. But if the seeker does not want that, if he does not want his jealousy or impurity to be illumined, then God uses another weapon: His Patience-weapon. The first weapon he uses is His Wisdom-weapon. Patience also is a form of wisdom, and wisdom is patience, but we separate them.

Suppose you are a selfish person. God says, “The moment you forget about your personal, selfish, self-seeking life and care only for self-giving, then your jealousy will go away. The moment you pay attention only to purity, then impurity will leave you.” First this wisdom God will try to shower on you. But if you do not avail yourself of this opportunity to receive God’s Grace or Wisdom, then God will use another weapon which is called patience. He will wait until you feel the necessity of purification and transformation of your nature. Then, after ten years or twenty years or fifty years, again He will try to inspire you. At that time, if He succeeds, well and good. Otherwise, there will be another time. In this way continuously He will go on, go on, go on. In the course of time, the seeker will fulfil the demands of his inner being and God’s Promise to His own Reality.