Question: Is force excluded in Justice?

Sri Chinmoy: The Supreme uses force, but it is not human force. Beating or striking someone, showing supremacy or authority: this is the human force. But the Supreme’s Force operates in a different way. His Force is the intensity of necessity. Suppose the seeker is not intense in his aspiration. The Supreme will make him intense. This intensity you can call a force, but it is not thrust upon him. Somebody is lethargic. He wants to go slowly, at the speed of an Indian bullock cart. But God says, “Now I have invented the jet plane. Why have you to use an Indian bullock cart?” So God will use His intensity-power. This intensity we may misunderstand. We may think that God is forcing us, that He is compelling us to go. No, He is just awakening us. He just says, “Look, open your eyes. Here is the fastest speed.” When He awakens our consciousness, we feel that it has been done by pressure. But if we are sincere and devoted and surrendered, we don’t feel any kind of pressure; only we feel that the time has come. God has selected a choice Hour and He has awakened us.

Human force is a vital force. In vital force there is a compulsion. The force is coming to frighten us, to threaten us. But when there is force in divine Justice, it does not frighten or threaten us. Only it increases the immensity or the intensity of our aspiration so that, like a bullet, we run towards the goal. When God uses force, God will ask us to run towards the goal at the pace that He has set, not at our pace. If we don’t identify ourselves with God’s Will, then it really becomes a kind of pressure, a force. But if we become one with Him, then it is not a pressure, it is not a force.

We are right now in the body, let us say. Our superior, most illumined part, the head, has discovered some truth, but the feet have not yet discovered the truth. The head is telling the feet, “Look, this is the reality.” If the feet do not identify themselves with the head, then they say, “Don’t bother us. We don’t need you. We don’t need your realisation.” But if the feet also feel the necessity of wisdom, then they will be so grateful that the head has helped them to know the reality.

I am now talking here, offering light. I am trying to convince you of something. To convince someone is a way of exercising one’s authoritative force. But when it is a divine way of operation, we don’t convince; we just illumine. The part that is still unillumined, we try to illumine. Then there is no force at all. The illumined part is just making the unillumined part aware of our own higher existence. If the lower existence feels that there is a higher existence which is part and parcel of its own reality, then naturally the lower will fly into the higher and become one with the higher.