Question: How do you forgive injustice?

Sri Chinmoy: When we think of injustice in human terms, we have to go to the very depth of our realisation. When we came into the world we made a solemn promise to God that we would realise God, manifest God and fulfil God here on earth. This was our most sincere, most soulful promise to God. When we made that promise we were in the soul’s world. We didn’t have the physical body; our real existence was the soul. At that time the soul said, “I am descending into the world only to please You, to fulfil You, to manifest You unconditionally.” But now, the word “unconditionally” immediately frightens us. It is a poisonous word; we can’t use it. All is conditional, conditional.

These people whom you feel are very unjust have done something undivine, true. But look at your own promise. You expect from these people perfection; you feel they have to do everything in a perfect way. But perfection comes only when we fulfil our promise. Our first and foremost promise was to God, to please Him and fulfil Him on earth. We have not fulfilled our promise; yet we expect others to fulfil their promise. As spiritual people, we should always see what we have done wrong. Millions of things we have done wrong. If we do millions of things wrong, then naturally God is forgiving us. Otherwise, we would not be able to exist on earth. If He is ready to forgive us in spite of our countless defects and mistakes, how is it that we cannot forgive someone else?

A spiritual seeker immediately claims himself to be a chosen child of God. An unaspiring person, a person who is wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance, would never dare to claim this. He does not dare to claim God as his very own. But you do dare to claim that you are God’s chosen child, just because you have got an iota of God’s good qualities. God is good, God is divine, God is perfect, and all His divine qualities you have to some extent. So if one of God’s qualities is forgiveness, and if God forgives you twenty-four hours a day, can’t you forgive a person for one second? If your source has the capacity to do something in infinite measure, naturally you also should have the capacity to forgive or illumine others who have done something wrong, according to your standard.