Question: When somebody performs an act of injustice, does the soul of the victim always learn something from the experience?

Sri Chinmoy: In this case you have to know that the real soul is not getting any kind of experience. If someone gives you a slap unnecessarily, your soul is not getting an experience. The outer being is getting an experience. The soul is dealing with your whole realisation, outer revelation and divine manifestation. The soul has all experiences that are encouraging, inspiring, illumining and fulfilling. But sometimes the outer being also needs experience. When your outer being gets an unpleasant experience, then it will be more cautious. “Why did somebody give me a slap? What have I done?” If you have done nothing then immediately you will feel, “I have to be more cautious. It was not because I did something that I am being struck. No, it is because of the ignorance of the world. Whether I have done something wrong is immaterial. Just because the world is full of ignorance, the world’s ignorance may enter into me. So I have to be more careful.”

Sometimes when we do something wrong, we are afraid that somebody will come and take us to task and we will have to pay the penalty. But there are many, many wrong forces around us that attack us even if we do nothing wrong. These hostile forces, undivine forces, are moving around. But the real experience belongs to our outer being, which is trying to perfect itself. The soul gets the experience to some extent, but the real experience belongs to the outer being. The soul is dealing with Infinity, Eternity and Immortality; it has a very big task to do. It is not that the soul is ignoring the outer being. The only thing is that the outer being also has to undergo some changes through these experiences.