Part IV

Seeing and feeling

One thing is feeling; another thing is seeing. You don’t have to see me twenty-four hours a day. If you can feel my inner presence, that is enough. When the mother is working in the kitchen and the child is playing in the living room, the child does not have to see the mother all the time. He knows that his mother is there. He is getting the vibration of his mother. The atmosphere in the room is surcharged with the mother’s consciousness and the father’s pride. So here also, when you meditate in the evening before you go to bed, if you can see me in your dreams, that is wonderful. But if you don’t see me, you have to feel, “If he wants to come and be in my dream, well and good. But if he wants me only to feel his presence within me, that is more than enough.”

Some of you want to see me. Yes, if you can see me, well and good. But more important than seeing is feeling. If the mother does not see the son, still she feels the presence of the son in her heart. When you use your vision, then you will see one thing in me and somebody else may see something different. Seeing is good, but it can be treacherous. But when you feel something in me, at that time you have already identified with it. Before you go to bed, if your heart identifies with my consciousness, then the following morning when you get up you are bound to feel my presence within you, without you, around you, everywhere. When you meditate in the evening, try to feel deep inside you my existence, or try to feel that there is a most beautiful child within you. This child is the soul that is coming forward.

So always try to pay more attention to feeling than seeing. When you are feeling, the mind should not be there at all. Act like a child, who knows only how to love. And do not expect anything in your own way. If you feel, “Oh, if the Master comes and stands in front of me, I will be so happy,” then you are only indulging in fanciful dreams. Live only in Reality, divine Reality. This Reality will tell you, “Let God deal with my life. If He wants to come, let Him come. Mine is to dig the soil; mine is not to produce the bumper crop. He will do it. He will grow the bumper crop of realisation for me; I will only allow Him.”

Then afterwards you can go one step forward and say, “I am not cultivating the soil. It is He who is cultivating in me.”

Gradually, gradually give all responsibility to the Supreme in me. If you feel sincerely that I am responsible for your actions, then you won’t be able to do anything wrong. Also, try to feel that whatever you cannot do right in front of me, that thing you won’t do at all; whatever you cannot say in front of me, that thing you won’t say. If you have that kind of inner feeling, then you will feel my presence at every moment of your life.