An April 13th message to disciples3

"We have one choice and one decision.
  Our choice is to become one with God’s Life.
  Our decision is to be the ever-dedicated breath in the fulfilment of God’s universe."
  — Sri Chinmoy

O Supreme, to Thee I offer what I am: my life’s soulful gratitude. O children of the Supreme, to you I give what I have: my life of selfless dedication and oneness. My love is my weight. My love is my height. My love is at once my weight and my height. My love for the devoted disciples, on the strength of my oneness with them, is my weight. My love for the Supreme, on the strength of my oneness with Him, is my height.

For the past few years, the disciples have been entering into my life and I have been entering into their lives. I am serving the Supreme in them; they are serving the Supreme in me. Together we are growing. Together we shall eternally grow. Gradually we give and take. I expect from you absolute dedication and you expect from me absolute realisation of the One Absolute.

According to grammar, “best” is the superlative degree. Everybody cannot be best in the ordinary life. Only one person can be best; others can be good, better and so forth. But here we are dealing with Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. Infinity has no bounds. We are all spiritual seekers, seekers of the infinite Truth. So each individual can have the aspiration to become one with the Dearest, the Supreme. Each individual can be a unique instrument of the Supreme on the strength of his absolute dedication and unconditional surrender to the Will of the Supreme. Grammar is written by mortals, by ordinary human beings. But our life is written by the Supreme, who can make each of us a unique instrument of His Will.

Each disciple can be like a petal of a divine lotus, a unique petal of the lotus. The whole lotus will be bloated with divine pride when it sees that each individual petal is helping and serving the whole to grow into the Supreme’s perfect Perfection here on earth.

We know that slow and steady wins the race. The hare lost the race to the turtle. But again, I wish to say that when we live in the Divine, when we live in the Supreme, in the Supreme Consciousness, at that time we do not have to follow this principle. In our case, quick and dynamic can win the race. The Supreme is our Pilot, our Eternal Pilot. According to His Will, at His choice Hour we have started our journey. It is He who is inspiring us to run towards the Golden Shore of the Beyond. It is His race He is running in and through us, so we are bound to reach the destined Goal.

Some of you have the wrong impression that the Supreme is unknowable. But it is not true. Right now He is unknown to all human beings. But, at the same time, those who have realised Him are fully aware of the fact that He can be seen, He can be talked to, He can be felt. When I speak to Him, I see Him more clearly than I see you here with my eyes wide open. So you can say that God is unknown right now, because you have not realised Him. But if you say, “God is forever unknowable,” then you are mistaken. God is our Father. How can our Father remain all the time unknowable? He can at most remain unknown for a short period of time, because now we are wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance. We are in a dark room that is wanting in light. But when our consciousness, our inner being, is flooded with the divine Light, then we are bound to see Him face to face.

So from now on, please change your opinion as regards God. God is unknown for the time being, but He can never be unknowable. He is our Father. He is our dearest, He is our closest. At His choice Hour He will open our third eye, the eye that actually sees the Truth. These two human eyes do not see the ultimate Truth. Only the third eye, which is the eye of our divine oneness with the Highest, with the Supreme, can make us see, feel and become one with the Supreme. The Supreme has inspired us to commence our journey. Our journey’s Goal is destined. We shall never fail because the Supreme is our Pilot, the Supreme is our Way, He is our Guide, He is our eternal Goal.

SCS 277. Sri Chinmoy delivered this message on 13 April 1969, the fifth anniversary of his arrival in the West.