Question: Can you please explain what shakti is and its role in Creation?

Sri Chinmoy: Shakti is the source of infinite Energy. This infinite Energy can be transmitted as infinite Light, infinite Peace, infinite Bliss. With this Power, we can climb up the tree, we can climb back down, we can walk, we can run, we can fly, we can dive, we can do anything that we want to do. Power is necessary capacity. Naturally we need the necessary capacity for flying, for running, for each activity we do. So this capacity is power here.

On the spiritual plane, God is infinite Light. This infinite Light is also infinite Energy and infinite Peace. Peace is Power and Power is Peace. Light is Power and Power is Light. It is the movement that is Shakti. God has two aspects: one is His static aspect and the other is His dynamic aspect. When He wants to manifest, He employs His dynamic capacity, while His other aspect remains silent. Here Shakti becomes the universal manifesting Force.

How is it that we say that the Power aspect of the Supreme created the Universe? If we say that the Power aspect can only create something vast, then we are mistaken. If God has infinite Power, then with His infinite Power He can create something vast and also something very tiny. Infinite Power does not mean that He can create only something big. If the infinite Power can create the vast, then it can also create a grain of sand.

Infinite Power is experienced in various forms inside the heart of each seeker. One seeker will experience Power as Bliss, another will experience it as Peace, a third as Light; and a fourth will experience it as Consciousness.

The seeker feels and experiences Shakti, the Power, inside him, according to his own evolution. Shakti is the manifestation of God’s Vision. When this manifestation takes form, each individual has the right to issue a name to it. The Form remains the same, but the seeker recognises the Form, accepts the Form, in various ways. Then, when this Power operates inside the seeker, if the seeker needs Peace, he will call it Peace. If the seeker needs Light, then he will call that Power Light. If somebody needs Delight, then he will take that Power as Delight.