Question: What does the soul do when it goes up to God's plane of existence?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul is the spark, the soul is the conscious representative of God. God is at once Silence and Sound. In His highest state of Consciousness, He is Silence; and when He wants to manifest Himself He manifests through Sound. The soul, like a bird, flies up and reaches the highest Height. Then it brings down the message of Light, Truth, Beauty and Perfection and tries to manifest these qualities on earth. The bird flies from one branch of the Reality-tree to another. Then it comes down gradually, steadily, unerringly and offers the fruits that it has collected from above. So the soul goes up to achieve the highest Truth, Light, Peace and Bliss. The same Divinity, same Reality, same Consciousness, Light and Bliss the soul then offers to aspiring mankind when it descends to earth.