Question: At what time should we focus on the heart and at what time should we focus on the third eye?

Sri Chinmoy: Now, there is no specific time when the seeker has to focus his attention on the heart or on the third eye. The third eye is the eye that sees the past, present and future all at once. The heart feels the reality, the omnipresent Reality, and omnipresent Divinity, all at once.

If someone is a genuine seeker, he will see that he has two hearts. One heart is just a muscle located right inside the chest. The other heart can be found in his aspiration, in his mounting flame. The other heart is the Universal Heart, which houses the entire universe. This divine heart of ours is the Universal Reality which perfectly houses everything that is in God’s entire creation. It is composed of both God’s ever-transcending Vision and His ever-manifesting Reality. If it houses the entire universe, it also houses the third eye as well. The third eye offers us cosmic vision, but this cosmic vision is perfectly housed in the Universal Heart. So if one knows how to focus all his concentrative power on the divine heart, then he is at the same time concentrating on the Vision aspect of reality, which he longs to know or manifest on earth. If the seeker concentrates on the heart, he will get everything that he wants, far, far beyond his expectations.