Part IV

Canada tree-planting4

O aspiration-dawn of Canada, you will succeed, you will proceed, you will become, you are. You will succeed. The universal earth-cry you will embody. You will proceed. The transcendental Heaven-smile you will reveal. You will become. Infinity’s all illumining Vision you will become. You are. Immortality’s Oneness-Reality you eternally are.

O aspiration dawn of Canada, there is a special reason why we are planting this divine tree here in Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The capital is the heart. Inside the heart is the soul. Inside the soul is God-promise. A few minutes ago I was told that this divine child of ours is going to live for two hundred fifty years. We shall not be on earth for two hundred fifty years, but from Heaven we shall offer our love-light and our gratitude-life to this divine child of ours. The physical in us will pass behind the curtain of Eternity. The spiritual in us, the eternally Real in us, will remain here with this child of ours. Aspiration-dawn is Eternity’s treasure and Immortality’s pride.

It is my fervent wish that the disciples in Ottawa come to visit this divine child of ours once a month for fifteen minutes and pray for this child divine who will, in the course of time, bring us boundless joy, glory and divine pride. Also, I wish that disciples from all parts of the world, when they visit Ottawa, make it a special point to come to this place and offer their aspiration-dedication to this child of ours.

I offer my heart’s deepest gratitude to the government of Ottawa for granting us this unique opportunity to be of service to the soul and body of Canada. Finally, I wish to offer my most soulful blessingful gratitude to Don. You have been a chosen instrument, a supremely chosen instrument, for this divine journey. A tree represents aspiration. Aspiration-dawn is the ever-transcending soul and goal. When I climb up high, higher, highest, either I carry Don or I bring down the Nectar-fruit to offer to him and all his spiritual brothers and sisters, to all our spiritual children.

SCS 86. On 18 November, 1974, Sri Chinmoy planted a young oak tree in Federal Parkland in Ottawa, as an offering to the soul of Canada. What follows is a transcript of Sri Chinmoy's remarks at the planting ceremony.