Question: Could you speak about patience?

Sri Chinmoy: Patience is something that lengthens time. Now we are living in earthbound time. That means our time is very limited. We have bound it with our limited life of ignorance. We should take patience as something that extends our time limit. We want to become a long-distance runner. While we are running, the goal seems far away and we want to reach it in the twinkling of an eye. But if we do not put a limit on the amount of time it should take us to reach our goal, if we don’t bind it, then the light of patience is working in and through us. Patience is our conscious surrender to the Hour of God. We want to reach our goal just because God wants us to reach it, and God selects the Hour. Then, when we do reach the Goal at God’s choice Hour, we have to know it is the realisation of our patience.