The desperate artist takes his dog to the doctor

In the middle of the night, a well-known artist brought his dog to a young doctor. The artist said, "Oh, doctor, please forgive me for bringing my dog to you at this hour. I know you do not treat dogs, but veterinarians are so silly. They are not real doctors. They have failed badly in their examinations. That is why they can only become veterinarians and treat animals. They did not get real degrees, and so they do not have proper qualifications. You deal with human beings. I know it is beneath your dignity to treat an animal, but my dog is suffering badly. Please, please make an exception. I will give you lots of money. I beg of you to examine my dog and give him some medicine."

The doctor said, "All right! All right! What can I do? At this hour you have to bring your dog?"

"My dog will die without your help. His case is so serious."

Finally the doctor agreed and prescribed some medicine for the dog. The dog improved with every passing day, and his owner was extremely happy.

A few weeks later, the doctor came to the artist's house, carrying his own front door. The doctor said, "You are an artist. I know it is beneath your dignity to paint like this, but can you not do me a favour? You remember that I agreed to give medicine to your dog. Since you are an artist, can you not paint my door?"

The artist answered, "All right. Since you did me a very big favour, I will do what you are asking."

He started painting the doctor's door, but he did a very bad job. He had never before in his life painted a door.

When the doctor saw his door, he exclaimed, "You have totally ruined my door!"

The artist answered, "You asked me to do something which I never do. I am an artist, not a house painter!"

"But what about your dog? How is he doing?" asked the doctor.

"I am so grateful to you. My dog is still alive because of you. In fact, he is progressing very well," replied the artist.

"You see," said the doctor, "I am not a veterinarian, but I was able to cure your dog. How is it that you are such a great artist, but you cannot even paint my front door?"