What did I do all day?

Many students were at school in their classroom. Most of them were very diligent and worked hard at school, and also at home to prepare their assignments. One particular student, however, was extremely lazy. At the end of the school day, he went to the teacher and said, "Mrs Peabody, I beg of you, please, please tell me what I did today. Did I do any math? Did I do any spelling? Did I draw something? Did I answer any questions you asked? My parents will definitely ask me tonight while we are sitting around the dinner table."

"You do not know what you have done today?" asked the teacher. "Do you have any idea how sad and mad I am that you cannot remember anything at all that you have done in my classroom during the entire day!"

"I am very sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what I have done," answered the boy. "Please tell me, as my parents will most certainly ask me."

"How many subjects we have covered," replied the teacher. "In English we read out quite a few poems and talked about various metres that poets can use. In math we learned how to multiply two long numbers together. In science I demonstrated the laws of gravity. In art we learned how to draw noses and ears. How much we can do in one day!"

The boy pleaded, "I cannot remember anything at all that you are describing. You must please tell me what I myself have done. If you do not tell me, my father and mother will scold me and insult me."

"All right! I am telling you what you did. You slept all the time. You slept and slept and slept. You can tell your parents that this is what you have done during the entire day!"