The grandfather's riddles

A very loving and devoted grandfather went to visit his son and grandchildren. All of them — the grandfather, his son, his daughter-in-law and the three grandchildren — had gone out shopping. They were coming back together in the car, and they were all laughing and joking. The grandfather was playing many different games with his grandchildren. Everyone was getting along quite well.

The grandfather asked a riddle: "How do you know when there is an elephant under your bed?"

"How can you tell, Grandpa, how?" they inquired most eagerly.

"When your nose touches the ceiling," he replied.

They all laughed and laughed.

Then the grandfather asked Ronnie, his youngest grandchild, "Please tell me, what is your favourite ice cream? I am very keen to know."

Ronnie answered immediately, "Vanilla, especially when it is on top of hot apple pie!"

"Wonderful. Then just as soon as we get close to home, I will buy everyone a large piece of apple pie with a gigantic scoop of vanilla ice cream on top."

"Really, Grandpa? That is great!" exclaimed the children.

Then they started playing all kinds of question and answer games in the car.

The grandfather said to his oldest grandson. "Does your alarm clock always ring on time?"

The boy said, "Grandpa, why do you have to worry? If it does not ring well, I just grab it and shake it very powerfully. Then it starts to ring and ring!"

The grandfather exclaimed, "What a wonderful grandson I have!"