The flattering wife and the smokers

Two friends both decided to give up smoking. One friend said to the other, "I cannot smoke any more, because I do not have enough money to continue with this terrible habit. My wife and I have already smoked for too many years. Just yesterday she told me that if we smoke when we have children, then the children will also smoke. Of course, that would be very harmful to them. So my wife has already given up smoking, and she has very firmly told me to stop smoking. I definitely will have a hard time, but my wife absolutely will not allow it any more."

The other friend said, "My wife and I have also been discussing our smoking. On our wedding day, she and I both decided that we would lead a strict life by staying within our limited budget. In this way, we have been able to save so much money. Recently I wanted to buy a new car, but my wife wisely suggested that I use her brother's old car. His car is still in quite good condition, so I do not mind in the least not driving a new car.

"A few days ago, my wife and I were talking about how much our smoking costs us each month. It is really very, very expensive. In order to save money, my wife decided that if one person in our family smokes, then the other one will not smoke. Then she told me that since I have tremendous will-power, I will definitely be able to stop smoking. Therefore, she will be the one who will continue smoking and not me. She said that, unfortunately, she has no will-power, so she is the right one to continue smoking. I said to her, 'I will be happy to be the one to stop smoking.' I was getting great joy from my wife's sincere flattery!"