"Awake! Arise! Stop not until the goal is won!" Thus voiced forth the Indian seers and sages of the hoary past. Yet, in spite of their inspired utterance, mankind still sleeps too much, both inwardly and outwardly. Our lethargic body cherishes the experience of sleep and wants to prolong it. But our aspiring heart knows that we must live in the world of dynamic consciousness in order to make significant spiritual progress. A spiritual aspirant who sleeps too much is offering his life prematurely to death, for during the time he should be spending in conscious aspiration and dynamic activity for his own inner progress, he is snoring peacefully in the arms of inertia.

Let us awaken. Let us rise up. Let us concentrate, meditate and contemplate. Let us cry for God with all that we have and all that we are. When we abjure our friendship with death's younger sister, Immortality's Lord Supreme will make friends with us. The sooner our sleep-friend deserts us for good, the sooner our inner awakening-comrade will come to live with us eternally.