Question: Isn't it true that everyone has a Guru, even though he may not be manifested in the flesh?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, everyone has a Guru, the real Guru, and that is the Inner Pilot, the Pilot Supreme. There is only one Guru and that Guru is God. A spiritual Master is only a representative of God. He is like an elder brother in the family trying to help his younger brothers and sisters know their father better. Or the elder one shows the younger ones where the Father is, and then his role is over. Everybody has the same Guru, the only Guru, the Lord Supreme. But when one is a beginner, one cannot or may not know where the real Guru, the eternal Guru, is, just because he does not have a conscious and free access to Him. At this point, if somebody helps the seeker enter into his own world of Divinity and Reality, then the seeker learns or discovers his own Divinity. This is the role of the spiritual Master, the human Guru. But the real Guru is inside the inmost recesses of each aspiring heart.