Question: What is your view on fasting?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are not under the guidance of a spiritual Master or following a specific path, and if you are studying a few books and trying to discipline your life on your own, then in that case fasting is advisable. If you fast once or twice a month, it will purify your subtle nerves. Purity is of great importance in the spiritual life. But this purity does not come from fasting only. We also have to meditate properly. We have to offer our inner life to God. Then only will our outer life be properly purified and transformed. In addition to our inner prayer and meditation, if we fast twice a month or three times a month, it will aid us in purifying the body's outer existence. It will also aid us in our concentration and meditation. But if somebody fasts three times a week or four times a week, then that person is making a serious mistake. Fasting two or three times a week will only weaken our system.

It is through aspiration, not fasting, that we reach our goal. In order to increase our inner cry we have to meditate regularly and devotedly. If we meditate, then purification is bound to come. Fasting is not indispensable in the spiritual life. Only aspiration, our inner cry is indispensable. If we know how to aspire, then our nature will be purified. Then, in our meditation and contemplation we get the results of fasting.