Question: Is there any value in associating with spiritual people?

Sri Chinmoy: When you are with spiritual people, you get inspiration. You are a swimmer. You want to swim, so you go to the swimming pool. But you see that the water is cold and nobody is there. Then it is very difficult for you to jump into the water. But when you see other people are swimming in the swimming pool, it is easier for you to jump into the water.

In the spiritual life also, if you see that your determination, your sincerity, is not strong enough, you should try to meditate with others collectively. Today you are inspired to meditate, but tomorrow you are not at all inspired. What can you do? If you are not inspired, immediately you go to others who are following the spiritual path and meditate with them beside them. They are already inspired. Then you will see that your meditation becomes most valuable, most soulful. You will have a most powerful meditation. Today your willpower is weak and they will inspire you; tomorrow their will-power is weak and you will inspire them. So it is always better to have spiritual company. Birds of a feather flock together. Spiritual seekers, sincere seekers, should remain together.

Also, you have to know about regularity. When you take exercise regularly, your muscles become strong. It is in group meditation, collective meditation, that you can easily strengthen your will-power. Then, when you become an expert in meditation, you can meditate alone. When one becomes a good swimmer, an expert swimmer, one does not need other swimmers. When you are advanced, you will not need others to inspire you. But until then, it is advisable to meditate regularly with other sincere seekers.