Question: While I was meditating with you, I felt a very strong spinal energy. Is there a way of staying in touch with that when we're not here, in your presence?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not my actual physical presence that is offering you this light or energy or whatever you call it. It is your own aspiration that is offering it to you. My physical presence may give you one per cent of the energy, peace, light and bliss that you are speaking of, but it is your own aspiration that is bringing about this kind of meditation here. So when you meditate at home, if you can meditate as devotedly and soulfully as you meditate here, then I assure you the Grace of the Supreme is bound to descend on your devoted heart. Then you will feel the same kind of peace, light and bliss right in your own room.

When you come here, you come with tremendous aspiration, but when you meditate at home, unfortunately you are wanting in aspiration. It is the lack of aspiration that prevents the seeker from receiving or achieving peace, light and bliss. Here you get a golden opportunity because many people are meditating together and one is inspiring another. So I wish you to have the same kind of aspiration when you meditate at home as you have had here. Then you will have no difficulty in feeling, achieving and growing into the boundless energy, light and bliss that you are talking about.