Question: What does acceptance mean from the spiritual point of view?

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual world we use the term "acceptance". But who accepts whom first? We may call it a reciprocal acceptance: I accept God and God accepts me. But when we go deep within, we see that he who chooses the Supreme has already been chosen by the Supreme. It is God who has chosen each of us before we even dreamt of accepting Him as our very own. But now that we are consciously aware of His acceptance, we need not stumble, we need not walk, we need not march; we can run fast, faster and fastest, because our awareness is already God's infinite Grace. Millions and millions of people are fast asleep in the world of ignorance, whereas we are fortunate enough to have been aroused by the Supreme Himself. He has said to us, "Arise, awake, aspire." We have arisen. We are now totally awakened. We are now aspiring. The mounting flame of consciousness deep within us is climbing towards the highest. Arise, awake, aspire! These three soul-stirring words at every moment we shall cherish in our human existence.