Question: Is the ability to fight hostile forces a question of Grace?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, but one has to have faith in Grace. If you think that Grace is like water, that is a mistake. You have to feel that Grace is something many times stronger than an atom bomb. Then you will have faith in Grace. The mind will tell you that God's Compassion is like the rain. So you will feel it is something weak and it won't give you confidence. But when you think of it as an atom bomb, a hydrogen bomb, then you will feel that God's omnipotent Power is working, and naturally you will be convinced.

God's Will does everything, provided you know what Grace is and what its capacity is. Otherwise, you will say, "If I meditate for five hours, God's Grace will descend like a drop of honey." A drop of honey will be sweet, but it will have no power in your life. You have to feel that Grace itself is omnipotent power; then only you will know that weakness can be conquered. Otherwise, it is impossible. You have to feel that God's Compassion is something infinitely stronger than the hostile force which is attacking you. Then you will see what Grace can do. Then you will see that Grace is fighting on your side most powerfully. But if you don't think that Grace is strong, then why should Grace help you to fight what is attacking you? Also, you have to have faith in the Master. If the Master says, "You are a good boy," you have to believe him. But if the mind comes in and you say, "Oh, Master is just flattering me," then you are lost.