Question: In our relationships with others, sometimes we get along and sometimes we don't. Is this a problem of the ego?

Sri Chinmoy: As long as we are in the unillumined mind, as long as we are always thinking of this and that, there will always be these ego problems. Only when the mind gets quiet and our deeper intuition comes forth can we go beyond the ego.

The mind constantly says, "I have done this," or "l have not done that because of so and so." There is no end to all the reasons and measurements the mind can contrive. If you wish to get a mango from a mango tree, your mind does not have to first determine how many leaves are on the tree, where its roots are, how much rain it has had and so on. You simply pick the mango from the tree and eat it. All the mental figuring in the world will not give you the fruit unless you take it directly.

The mind is an obstacle in getting the fruits of fulfilment. We are so involved with the mind and the ego that we do not know how to get what we want. If a child wants something, he runs to his father and asks for it; he does not hesitate and start wondering if his father is qualified to give him what he needs. He does not care whether or not his father has a Master's degree, or if he is a carpenter, or whatever. Fortunately, the child does not use his mind to such an extent. He runs to his father, the source, without doubt and without mental hesitation. In this way he gets what he wants.