11 March

Two American ladies were having an interview with Nolini-da in his room. I had finished my typing and was about to enter his room to return the typewriter. But when I noticed that he was giving an interview, I hesitated and moved away. He called to me: "Why are you not coming in? I have no idea how long our interview will last. Can you take this letter and give it to Amrita?"

While I was putting the typewriter in its proper place and covering it, I overheard part of their conversation. One of the ladies asked Nolini-da: "Sir, please tell me the difference between the Divine Mother and an ordinary human being."

Nolini-da said: "The difference is very simple. We ordinary human beings talk and the Divine Mother acts. We talk and talk. We are empty vessels sounding continuously, while the Mother Divine plays Her role, Her supreme role, in Eternity's Silence."