13 March

"Yesterday while we were playing volleyball, the ball went out of the court and dropped near you. You stopped it with your left foot with perfect ease. I was amazed to see it. Your position was right wing. You stopped the ball with your left foot and kicked it to us with the same foot. You had such control that you could kick the ball even with your left foot!"

"Ah, you didn't know that my left leg and right leg were perfect rivals. I was always extremely good with both legs. My corner kick was marvellous. It appeared like a rainbow and always dropped the ball near the goal post The ball used to go very high and it created a kind of delightful sensation. Again, when it was necessary, I used to use my left foot for what you call a grass-cutting shot. Sometimes I feel like writing more about my sports life."

I said: "How I wish you would do that! We would all be deeply moved and grateful."