16 March

Before he read out one of his articles in his room, Nolini-da said: “Bonne fête à Tapati, bonne fête à Madhuri. Today I shall read out something of mine and something of Amrita's. Mine is not serious but Amrita's is."

The audience burst into laughter because it was always just the opposite.

After reading out his article, Nolini-da said: "We love our country dearly and our country has also loved us dearly and it always will. India's independence is nothing short of our soul's triumphant smile."

After he had read out Amrita-da's writing, he said: "Like last time, this time also Amrita's ending is abrupt. Amrita's writing is excellent but his conclusions are abrupt. It seems to me that this is Amrita's special speciality."

Amrita-da said: "Who else can or will bless me with a special speciality if not you, Nolini?"