14 June

It was nine o'clock in the morning. Prahllad, a very good friend of mine (unfortunately God forgot to give him a sound brain), came up to Nolini-da and said: "Nolini, please me envelope."

Nolini-da said to him: "Come in the afternoon. Ranju will give you one."

Prahllad said: "I no come in the afternoon. Ranju no good."

Nolini said: "Why is Ranju no good?"

Prahllad said: "Ranju insulting me. He calling me compounder. You know I am a doctor and F.R.C.S."

Nolini-da said: "I am sorry. Since you are such a great doctor I must give you an envelope." He stood up from his chair and got an envelope for Prahllad and said to him: "Prahllad today I am going to ask Ranju to call you doctor from now on and not compounder anymore."