14 July

Nolini-da said: "Tomorrow the athletic competitions will start. Can you ask Albert to make shorts for me? I am sorry, I hope he can do it for me on such short notice."

I went to Albert-da and told him about Nolini-da's wish. Albert-da was always most affectionate to me and, in his usual way, he said: "Chinmoy, you fool, you have brought neither his measurements nor his shorts. How am I going to make them?" Then he said to me: "All right, I shall come with you to his room."

I told him: "Nolini-da hesitated a little about asking you on such short notice."

"You fool! You work with Nolini-da. Don't you know that he is always an exception? Even if he asks me to do something at the eleventh hour, I shall do it gladly."