"A book on the great men of the West"

Nolini-da said: "Chinmoy, you have to do something today. I want to prepare a book on the great men of the West. The title will be Pashchatyer Kabi O Manishi. Make a collection of all my writings on these great men."

I said: "You do not want to have a book on the great men of the East also?"

"Well, if you want to, you can also do that. My article on Pascal has to be translated into Bengali. Whom do you suggest?"

"May I try it?"

"You? You don't write in Bengali. You have been translating my Bengali writings into English."

"I have already translated your book The Malady of the Century into Bengali."

"How is it, then, that you have not shown it to me?"

Quite apologetically I said: "It needs a little bit of revision."

Nolini said: "In that case, if you translate it I don't have to worry.

That afternoon I left on his table my Bengali translation of one of his English poems.