Question: You have said that the hostile forces can never take your form. If that is the case, what actually happens when you tell us things in dreams that are either contrary to what you say outwardly or are very unlike your usual compassionate nature?

Sri Chinmoy: It is absolutely true. The hostile forces cannot take my form. In your dreams, if you see me telling you things that are contrary to what you usually hear from me in the outer world, it indicates that there is another way to deal with human beings besides compassion. Justice-light does not necessarily mean the negation of Compassion-light. There are two ways to reach the goal. When the easier way badly fails, we usually adopt the more difficult way. If the dedication and aspiration of the seeker is constant, then he can take the easy way to the goal. Otherwise, the seeker must undergo so-called difficult experiences. But in either cast the goal is the same.