Question: When do we receive the blessing from prasad: when we take it, when we eat it, when we digest it, or continuously?

Sri Chinmoy: When you receive it devotedly, it becomes blessingful prasad. At that time you allow me to sow the seed of love, joy, light and delight. Then, when you eat it, the seed grows into a sapling. It becomes our mutual satisfaction — you as the seeker and I as the Master. When you digest and assimilate it, it becomes the sapling, becomes a tree and bears fruit in your consciousness. Then it becomes the perfect satisfaction of both the Master and the disciple.

The moment you receive the prasad, feel that you are at the beginning of the blessingful road. The moment you eat, try to feel that you have started walking along the road. First you were blessed with the road, then you were blessed with the inspiration and aspiration to walk along the road. Once you have digested and assimilated the prasad, try to feel that the goal is won, that you have arrived at the shore of your own illumined and fulfilled reality. So you can put it into three categories: first, the blessingful road is placed before you, then you are walking along the road and finally you have reached your destination. So in three different stages you get the complete message of the prasad.