The special cure

Shivaji went into the densest forest. There he saw two little tiger cubs and he grabbed them. He thought, “If I keep them with me, then naturally the mother will come looking for them.”

In a few minutes, the tigress returned and saw that a human being had seized her cubs. She became furious and sprang on Shivaji, wounding him with her claws. But Shivaji was very strong and he was determined not to be killed by the tigress. While they were wrestling together, he begged her inwardly to offer him some of her milk. Strangely enough, the tigress heard his prayer and she did give him some milk.

Hurriedly, the King went back to his Master and offered him the milk. Ramdas drank it and was cured then and there. Then Ramdas shared with his devoted disciple just a little portion of the milk because the King's body was scratched and bleeding. When the King drank it, his pain immediately vanished.

Modern science will not believe this unique experience in King Shivaji's life. If you use the mind, you will be the last person to believe it, but if you use the heart, you are bound to believe that such things can take place. This story is one hundred per cent true.

Sri Chinmoy, Shivaji, Agni Press, 1997