The ochre cloth

When Shivaji went to see Ramdas, he used to massage his Guru’s entire body. One day, while he was devotedly massaging Ramdas, he said, “Master, I am so sick and tired of ruling this kingdom. I am not getting any peace.”

Ramdas said, “I am giving you a small piece of my ochre cloth. From now on, you should use the ochre cloth for your banner. Ochre is the colour of renunciation. You will rule and guide all your subjects with utmost compassion and love, and at the same time you will feel that it is I who am guiding you. In you and through you I shall protect and guide your kingdom.”

Shivaji accepted his Guru’s advice wholeheartedly. After that, he always used as his flag a simple piece of ochre fabric without any decoration.

Sri Chinmoy, Shivaji, Agni Press, 1997