The soul of a year

Each year has a soul of its own. A year also has a body, vital, mind and heart. Even the astrologers can tell something about the soul of a year, just as they can very often tell about the soul of a country.

When a year ends, the soul of that particular year goes back to the soul's region. Again, if another year comes with a soul similar to the soul of a previous year, then this departed soul may offer all its possibilities and potentialities to the soul of the present year. The soul of the past year does not actually enter into the earth plane; it only offers its potentialities and capacities to the present year because it sees the similarity. Suppose the soul of 1972 has the same kind of soul as the year 1960. Then instead of entering the earth along with the soul of 1972, the soul of 1960 will indirectly or directly help the soul of 1972, and it will feel its own fulfilment in 1972 as if it had actually come itself. That is what can happen, but that kind of thing does not happen very often. Again, earth has been in existence for thousands of years, so similar souls are bound to come sometimes. But usually the soul of each year comes with a new message. It is a very complicated matter, very complicated.

In 1971 the soul was absolutely new in the sense that it was not backed or helped by any other soul. It received help only from the Supreme directly. The soul of 1972 is totally different from the soul of 1971. Although the soul of 1971 has not yet left the earth scene, the soul of 1972 has already entered into earth's arena. It is like this: a new boss has come, but the old boss still has not left the office. It is a matter of a few days before the soul of 1971 will leave.

The soul of a year can assume many forms. It is in the tiniest thing and, at the same time, it can stay in the earth-consciousness itself, which is so vast. We can say that it stays within every brief, fleeting second. Again, it can take a symbolic form. If we want to compare the symbolic form of next year's soul with this year's soul, we can say the coming new year symbolically will be like a real elephant, let us say very fast, very dynamic, whereas this year's soul is like a horse or a lion — although more like a horse than a lion. Of course, we can't say this soul is an elephant or that soul is a horse. These are all symbolic images. In the East they call a year "the year of the dragon" or sometimes they portray it in the form of a fish and other kinds of things. There is much truth in what they say, but again, imagination also plays a part here.

Last year on New Year's Eve you meditated at midnight and in Puerto Rico we did the same. If you can meditate from midnight to twelve-thirty this year also, it will be wonderful. I wish to get the names of those who are going to do this; otherwise, I will be wasting my own precious concentration on those who are fast asleep, instead of concentrating just on those who are sincerely trying to receive something.

Each year we can do much for the Supreme. Next year we will do and become much. Becoming is doing; doing is becoming. This year, unfortunately, we have not accomplished much. Why just this year? In previous years also, compared to our capacity, what we have achieved is next to nothing. We have much more capacity than we actually realise. We can talk, but this year let us show how many of us want to work also.