The inspiration of the inner world

Right now, the inner world is able to influence and guide the outer world only to a very limited extent. Let us not use the word 'influence' but 'inspire'. Influence is often ineffective, even if it comes from inside ourselves. When something tries to influence us, we still may not want to do the right thing. Immediately the mind comes forward, the vital comes forward, the physical comes forward. At that time, there is no feeling of oneness. We do not want to be influenced by someone or something that we cannot call our own, and that particular thing also does not claim us. If we are inspired, on the other hand, then we will try to do the right thing. In inspiration we have the feeling of oneness with the thing we are aiming at, and the goal also feels its own oneness with us. If we are inspired to run, at that time we become one with speed; we become speed itself. But when we are influenced, it is not like that.

If the inner world had been able to truly inspire the outer world, then the outer world would now have real meaning, and by this time the outer world would have succeeded in manifesting a considerable amount of divinity. But very often the inner world is not successful in inspiring the outer world. Why? It is not that it is weak. It does have the capacity, but the outer world is not accepting its inspiration. If it is given the chance, the inner world can easily inspire the outer world, but the outer world is not giving it the chance. The mother has the capacity to wash and clean her child if she is just given the opportunity. If the child listens to the mother, then naturally the body of the child will become clean and pure. But sometimes the child does not want the mother to wash him. He will run away from her and mock at her, saying, "No, no, I don't want to be washed by you." The inner world is like the mother, but the outer world won't listen to it. If it would listen, if it would allow itself to be inspired by the inner world, then the outer world would really be able to offer something.

The inner world has the feeling of absolute oneness with whatever it sees or feels. The outer world does not have that kind of oneness. The outer world gets joy by separating; the inner world gets joy by uniting. If the outer world consciously wanted to have the same feeling of oneness as the inner world, then full realisation, full revelation and full manifestation could easily be achieved. In cases when the outer world accepts the offering and the inspiration of the inner world wholeheartedly, people realise the Truth, the Highest.

Divine power can influence world events, but acceptance by the outer world also has to be offered in a divine way; otherwise, if there is no receptivity, the outer world will only break. When we feel that a glass is very strong, we can hold it safely, but when we see that a glass is very delicate, we feel that it will break if we hold it. Similarly, if we see that earth is really strong and can hold divine power, then if we want to use divine power, it will work; otherwise, if the vessel is too weak, we shall only ruin the potentialities of earth. There are many things I am doing for my disciples, but if I use my power aspect instead of my inspiration, the disciples will be crushed. So we have to be very delicate at first. Then, when the outer being is strong, at that time we can use power.

Since the vital is a little bit afraid of divine, dynamic power, it may for one day listen out of fear; but the vital has its own aggressive power. This aggressive power doesn't want to listen to the soul's power and so the battle starts. Sometimes power works, but very often we cannot use it. At these times it is the love of oneness that works. Again, love of oneness is the mightiest power. This love of oneness the vital may kick like anything. But the higher power, the divine power, is very wise. It says, "Take your own time. I am ready to love you in ignorance because I am dealing with eternal time." Then gradually the light enters into the obscure vital itself. There is light everywhere, even in obscurity, and when it comes forward it wants to listen to the higher forces. In that way the vital also eventually realises the highest.